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Inverse - Official Site

Future 50 by Inverse: Fifty People Who Will Be Forces for Good in the 2020s. A year-long series from Inverse, profiling the minds who will shape the next decade.

Inverse | Definition of Inverse by Merriam-Webster

2: a proposition or theorem formed by contradicting both the subject and predicate or both the hypothesis and conclusion of a given proposition or theorem the inverse of "if A then B" is "if not-A then not-B" — compare contrapositive

Inverse | Define Inverse at

Mathematics. (of a proportion) containing terms of which an increase in one results in a decrease in another. A term is said to be in inverse proportion to another term if it increases (or decreases) as the other decreases (or increases).

Inverse function - Wikipedia

In mathematics, an inverse function (or anti-function) is a function that "reverses" another function: if the function f applied to an input x gives a result of y, then applying its inverse function g to y gives the result x, and vice versa, i.e., f(x) = y if and only if g(y) = x.. As an example, consider the real-valued function of a real variable given by f(x) = 5x − 7.

Inverse - definition of inverse by The Free Dictionary

a. (of a relationship) containing two variables such that an increase in one results in a decrease in the other: the volume of a gas is in inverse ratio to its pressure.

Inverse - YouTube

Inverse explores the science of anything - from innovations that shape tomorrow to ideas that stretch our minds. Our goal is to motivate the next generation ...

Inverse Functions

Inverse Functions. An inverse function goes the other way! Let us start with an example: Here we have the function f(x) = 2x+3, written as a flow diagram:. The Inverse Function goes the other way:. So the inverse of: 2x+3 is: (y-3)/2

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